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  1. Is there ENB in VC

    Yapperz! There is actually.. You can find it here: http://boris-vorontsov.narod.ru/download_en.htm
  2. Spark!

    Sparks? Sparks of what?
  3. favorite gun

    Has to be my MA5B battlerifle out of HALO
  4. Object creating

    Hey all, i have an new building that i want in vice city but the problem is that it is an .obj file... I can't put that in vice city (right?) and so, does anyone know a solution? A converter would be great... For more models! Thanks in advance!
  5. GTACW... Flash Game?

    You can actually play that game but you can't get the rewards Same problem here..
  6. Introduce Yourself..

    Hey all! I'm lordician! I've been using these mods on this site often.. Certainly now i resurrected my vice city again I hope you guys have a great time too. I have been editing scripts and shit in vice city very often, for help you CAN ask me.. But don't ask too much.. Long time ago since my last editing...
  7. Object creating

    I am a fan of vice city and i am also a huge fan of mods But now, i want a new object in vice city... I have a model in .obj extension... But now is the question.. How to put the object in? Please help?! [Wups...wrong topic :S]