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  1. Does anyone have a gta3 map?

    Thank you! That was what I needed.
  2. Does anyone have a gta3 map?

    Does anyone have a gta3 map???
  3. how can i make invisible wheels?

    How can I make invisible wheels to a car??? (I have the DMagic wheel mod).
  4. Searching for a good occanic replace

    So... anyone else got an occanic replace?
  5. Searching for a good occanic replace

    ok, thanks for the car...
  6. I'm searching for a good occanic replace. Can you help me out???
  7. 3d wheels mod

    How can I know what number to put in the default.ide for a 3d wheel (DMagic Wheels)? (How can I know how is it going to look like?).
  8. Where is the AIRPLANE?

    You can also go from inside the studio. just enter the studio and go forward untill you get to a wall and then go right to a door and go through it. here is the plane!