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  1. i have an problem i applied a position "sub leader" in gang "DA CRIPZ" don name: Not A Fanboy But he is't active till from 29th january 09 God knows whenever he will be active so it means i can't join any other gang until they accept or denny me please help me to fix this problem so i could be able to join any other gang please please please Sorry for my bad english
  2. I Just Downloaded mTA SA Death match develpor preview 2.3 and whenever i start this i always get this error "Network Module Could Not Be Located" please help me about this error
  3. happy 17 birthday to u and wish you all the best from me
  4. thanks man it really helped me thanks a lot
  5. from where i can download mta sa i'm using a pc
  6. From Where I can DownLoad this file please tell me please
  7. I have played this on Windows Vista And i got no problem gta III and Gta SA runs fine on windows vista kindly check gta sa requirements for windows vista first
  8. Thanks Man Thanks A lot For This You r Very Nice It Really Helped Me again thanx a lot
  9. Best of luck mate Welcome to the forums
  10. i'm currently playing 1) Gta IV 2) Gta SanAndreas 3) NHL09 4) Fifa09 5) Fifa Maneger08 6) Fifa Maneger09
  11. my favorite gangs are (1) Grove Street Families (2) Foreli Mafia Family (3) Ballas (4) Liberty Triads (5) Est Holland Drug Crew
  12. i downloaded a CLEO mod cashpoint V0.1 but i dont know where to put cashpoint.cs file because sanandreas dont have any cs type file and when i putted all files i started game i found atm but there was no red marker to use please help
  13. my Internet connection is wireless 256kbps can i play in MTA please tell me the speed requirements
  14. i'm uploading 2 files 1) puncture wounds passed 2) highjack down load the attachment Puncture_wounds_and_hi_jack_completed.rar
  15. No because he was not making any progress so decison of board is right