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  1. Oh yeah? What games do you play that involve concentration so you don't get pwned the shit out of you?
  2. Right click on layer > Blending Options > Stroke > Select stroke size, color. (Thats how you add a border in Photoshop.) Or open the actual window and select stroke > inside > colour > size = 1
  3. B& for thinking Gycu was in a mental clinic. Oh no, he was in a Psycho hospital.
  4. Why only me, Gycu Brun and Chris for names?
  5. That's a new one. Banned for sucking a dildo in a supermarket.
  6. Battlefield 2142
  7. Uh-oh, is this the return of RyanVG? Or is it another person. Anyway, enlighten me about Nascar 08
  8. Yes, I was going through my songs and I saw right at the top= Avenged Sevenfold- Chapter Four I was like WTF because I stopped listening to them a LONG time ago (When Chapter Four was still new) and since I heard of Trivium they were total crap. After going through bands and at the current bands I listen to, this was pretty awkward. I heard it and I thought it was good and now I'm going to go through to find other good songs. Basically, the aim of the topic is, do you like them or not?
  9. Ahh! I forgot who you are... Damn, I remember your posts... Anyway, welcome back friend.
  10. Mr krabs pulled
  11. Yeah but atleast BF2142 is free. Oh and, BF2142 doesn't give me spyware and spam me with Intel ads.
  12. Not really.I am a personal BF2142 player. And the Titan mode is not the only add on. You also have beacons which allow your squad leader to place down so you can spawn on his position. Also, you get the walker and sprint abilities for various vehicles. Also defensive countermeasures.
  13. Avi: 1/10 Sig: 1/10 Pers: Completely retarded idiot