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  1. tOOKIE

    his first name was stanley
  2. tOOKIE

    tookie tha 1 who started tha crip gang....hes on tha death penalty...he dyin on decemeber 13....buh ppl r tryin 2 save him..idk how buh o well
  3. tOOKIE

    if u guys r with me then reply and TRY @ SAVE HIM
  4. i would like 2 hear keak da sneak "super hyphy" mistah f.a.b. "super sicc wit it" nd all mac dre songs boss tycoon, too hard for tha fu**** radio nd thizzle dance
  5. Your GTA4 location ideas

    they should make the next GTa in tha Bay AreA!!!! nor cal baby! that'l be sicc even tho they did put SF in SA it wasnt how we really live...it woulda been better if there were ppl at night doin sideshows nd all of the other stuff THA BAY DOES yadida?