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  1. hey, why you got just 9 posts if ya joined for so much time ago?

  2. Help with mission

    From the park, head in the direction of the contruction site, then keep going past the college to the hospital. The tunnel is on the other side - if you cut through the hospital parking lot and turn left when you get to the road, you'll see it.
  3. favourite pedestrian saying

    And yet people are posting stuff for VC, SA etc.
  4. destroyed cd

    Boy, are you guys ever helpful..... I'm in a similiar boat as this guy, only my CD was swiped by a bitch of an ex-landylady as I was moving out(she swiped it for her bastard son). To compound the problem, GTA3 is not avialible in my area, and I don't have a credit card. But I guess this place is just for bragging about your gaming exploits in SA - not for older games or actually (GOD FORBID) helping people.
  5. GTA4 Confirmed PS3 Exclusive?

    Um, isn't GTA4 called "Vice city"?????
  6. Need help for GTA3 on PC

    HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! If anyone still has GTA 3 installed on their computer, contact me by private message.
  7. can you get this to work?

    The easiest way is to NOT rename the vehicle - in other words, don't change the name from what the original car is called. ALTHOUGH, having the police cars a nice bright white DOES make them easier to see from a long way off. It's almost like they glow. (Atomic squad cars????)
  8. Entrance 2 blue hell!

    Ok, since they never posted the answer I guess I will. YES, this DOES work on the PC version of the game. Why bother with it? Well, using the rocket launcher you can blast cars ABOVE you (you can see the tail-lights, and at times even their shadows) and the choppers & cops can't get at you. BUT BE WARNED - if you fall out of that area you'd better HAUL A** because the cops will be all over you faster than you can say sh**! (lol). I actually set a record while in this area - 1 rocket caused 19 vehicles to explode in one hell of a chain reaction.
  9. Do you still play GTAIII?

    I'd LOVE to see more goodies & addons for GTA3! Like an M-1 Abrams or M-2 Bradley to replace the Rhino. Or the "Blue Thunder" helicopter (or maybe "Airwolf")to replace the police chopper.
  10. what kinds of glitchs and mods have you found

    Anyone else get stuck UNDER staunton island while boating near the construction site?