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  1. No, I have a modchip installed in my PS2. All I did was modify the handling.cfg file a bit. Changed the mass, traction, speed, brakes, etc. then reburnt the disc. I also used a few CodeBreaker cheats like Never Fall Off Bike so I can tank through traffic. I never heard of the X-NRG500 mod.
  2. I don't have the PS3 or Xbox360 versions but it was indeed possible with GTASA on the PS2 (I even made a video ). I know for a fact though that the savegame has nothing to do with the mods enabled on the game.If the game for PS3 and Xbox360 use the same format as the PC version (meaning they use files.txt to determine if any files have been modified), then you simply need to do the same thing as you would on the PC version. Again, I don't have either of those versions so I can't say whether it will work or not. You also need a modchip in your console to play copied games.
  3. It doesn't matter where you put it. Well when I tried it, it won't show any of the weapons in the dropbox. Do I have to add them myself? and does this overwrite anything in the GTA IV folder? To show the weapons you have to click the Load button to load the files, then the weapons will show. It only overwrites when you save the changes.
  4. It doesn't matter where you put it.
  5. Download my Mod Assistant . When you run it, click the 'Open' button and load the files.txt (make sure you have the correct version selected at the top first). After the files are loaded, scroll down and find the handling.dat file. Select it in the list, then click the button labeled 'Backup'. It will bring up a menu, on the menu click 'Selected File'. Then you are free to edit the file and the game will still launch. Alternately, if you don't feel like scrolling the list to find the specific file. You can just click the 'Backup' button to bring up the menu, then click 'All Files'. This will backup all the files listed in files.txt and allow you to modify any one of them without worry of whether the game will launch or not. Let me know if it works or not.
  6. That won't always work because if you don't modify files.txt the game will not run at all.
  7. You get the access denied message because the file is ReadOnly. If you haven't patched your game to mod the files, you should check out my Mod Assistant.
  8. The closest you can probably get to choosing your car color is using this trainer
  9. 'nuff said.
  10. Quite the contrary. I've already had people asking me about the error message "Could not load file or assembly 'System.Core', Version=, etc. etc." meaning they hadn't installed v3.5 of the Framework. I don't know why someone would be using my tools without RGSC already installed but at least if it's there, they can't say I didn't let them know ahead of time. I also updated the intro patch.
  11. It's already uploaded in the database.
  12. Ever get tired of reading the same copyright message when you start GTAIV? Well, now you don't have to stare at it any longer. With my new Intro patch, you can zoom right passed the intros and get to what you really want. It's really easy to use, just click Patch and let the program do the rest. If you don't have the game installed in the default location, you will have to locate it manually. There's really nothing to it, give it a shot! NEW in v1.1: I fixed the way it checks if the game has been patched. I also added a restore feature, if it's patched already, that allows you to remove the patch if needed. NOTE: Please make sure your game is moddable, by using my Mod Assistant or similar, before applying this patch. You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this program to run at all. Download:
  13. This is a program to simplify the ability of modding pedestrian personalities in GTAIV. It allows you to modify any number of attributes from age to sexiness. The flags editor allows for some advanced attribute editing. With the flags you can specifiy anything from what kind of vehicle the ped drives to how they act in certain situations. In my testing experiences, the flags are just for reference. For example, if you select the model name "F_Y_Hooker_##" and tick the "+policeofficer" sub flag, it doesn't make hookers chase after you in police cars when you have a wanted level. You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this program to run at all. Download:
  14. This is a program to simplify the ability of modding the vehicle colors in GTAIV. First of all, it's "vehicle" colors editor and not "car" colors editor for the simple fact that there are lines in the file specified for bikes, boats, and helicopters. Now then, the vehicle colors specify which vehicles spawn using which colors as their paint job in-game. With this program you are able easily to add, edit, and even remove existing colors listed in the file. You should be careful when removing existing colors as doing so can make the colors for all the vehicles appear incorrectly in-game. Choosing to add or edit an existing color will bring you a new dialog. In here, you can choose the color you want by using either the textboxes or sliders. The 'Pick' button opens the windows color dialog allowing you pick a color from there. Prefix and Color values are used for the police scanner only. For example, if you set the prefix to light and the color to red, the police scanner will say you are in a light red vehicle when in chase. You are also able to add, edit, or remove the vehicle color schemes that are listed in the file. Car3 data consists of 2 body parts and 1 2nd specular color and Car4 data consists of 3 body parts and 1 2nd specular. Each of their values is the index of the color it represents, which by using the buttons next to the respective textbox inserts the current color index into the textbox. REMEMBER: It's recommended to add colors/schemes rather than removing or editing existing colors/schemes. NEW in v1.1: Added a color index table for easier color selection. The file must be loaded to view the table because the table loads the colors from the file and not from a pre-defined list. NEW in v1.2: Added more features to the color index table and fixed some bugs with it. Now when you add/edit a color, it will be updated if the color index table is already open. Also when you click the color in the table, it will be selected in the main color list. I also added a new feature which will show all vehicles that are using the color selected in the main list. This can be accessed from the main window or by double clicking the color in the index table. Double clicking a vehicle in either of the used vehicles lists will select the vehicle and color scheme in the main list for quick editing. Using this feature I found there are 4 unused colors in the color list, the indexes are 100, 120, 125, and 130. You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this program to run at all. Download:
  15. This is a program to simplify the ability of modding the vehicle groups in GTAIV. First of all, it's "vehicle" group editor and not "car" group editor for the simple fact that there's a line in the file specified for boats. Now then, vehicle groups specify which vehicles spawn at which areas in-game. Simply choose a vehicle or vehicles from the right list (make sure they're ticked), and click the button labeled "<<" which means add the ticked vehicles to the current group. If you wish to remove vehicles from a group, tick them in the left list then click the button labeled ">>" which means to remove ticked vehicles. As a safety measure, you can't add vehicles that are already in the list and also you can't add cars to the boat group and vice versa. Doing the latter makes the game crash during it's load sequence. NEW in v1.2: Added function to remove selected vehicles from all groups in the file. To use, simply tick the vehicles to remove in the left list, then right click the list and select "Remove Selection from All", and it will automatically remove all selected vehicles from all groups. You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this program to run at all. Download: