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  1. Uh they were posted at a site that he posted.Just look for it and you'll find it
  2. Hey do you read?When you take money out of your bank,it tells you that a percentage will be kept for some reason
  3. Yeah this game is gonna be awesome.My favorite part...................well I can't pick a favorite but this will take up my whole day.If this game lives up to it's hype,it'll be the best for maybe two years
  4. I don't really care what the time setting is,as long as the game is still good enough for the price.Hell,if it is better than Vice City,it will be considered a king in video games
  5. Why don't the Mods take all the money and weapons from the banned members and give them away to other users?And yes,15,000 is a ridiculous prize for a shop.5,000 is way better.Just wait,I'll be a rich man on these boards one day.Sorta like Tommy Vercetti
  6. They all look pretty good.Notice in the first picture,look at the top right person shooting out the roof.Doesn't he sorta look like Ice Cube.I mean Grand Theft Auto:Vice City had an impersonation in it,so could Ice Cube be in the San Andreas.Who knows,it could be set on the movie Friday.
  7. So what are you saying that all these are real screenshots of San Andreas?Hard to believe but I'll check them out anyway.
  8. I don't really play PlayStation anymore.I only play Driver and Metal Gear Solid.Two PlayStation classics that will always be one of the best on the PS One