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  1. but iam changing the Affinity values to decrease the game speed...any option to permanently disable it ?
  2. hey...its working fine...but i have to do it everytime i play....any option to permanently set Affinity & Sound Acceleration Levels ?
  3. Thanks Everyone it works !! i am f***ing happy today....jus playing this game back after 10 Months...bcos of this problem... hey btw....decreasing the Sound Acceleration wud have any disadvantages?
  4. The game is running fast...i dunno wats happening..some sounds are at the start of the game...when CJ is arriving to Grove Street...he says..."Grove Street ..Home" Updated DirectX....updated Graphics Card Drivers...this problem is happening to all my friends who are having NForce motherboards My Config: AMD 4400+ ASUS M2N-MX Motherboard (NVidia Chipset) NVidia 8400GS GPU 1GB RAM Sound Blaster 5.1 windows xp sp2 (updated) plz help me
  5. used GTA 113+ TRAINER
  6. here is my main.scm file
  7. hey guys i used Gta San Andreas +113 Trainer in which main.scm file got replaced I wanthe Save File for this mission badly
  8. i want to know wats v1 and v2 and also ....i am using GTA TRAINER so i got main.scm file replaced
  9. cud i know whic is the savefile here are the files i am getting confused ..plzz do this stage
  10. The Problem In The Mission Is My PC Gets Struck when i take photographs after taking 3rd pic its gets struck my pc details are AMD64 Athlon 3000+ .512 MB DDR2 RAM, Onboard 64MB Graphic card thats it...if possible anyone can do the mission for me and give me the save-file pls
  11. hey i too got this problem many times
  12. i think is one more tool... see @ main search for it
  13. i think we cant have tht
  14. i like VROCK
  15. now wats spawn