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  1. Rockstar's GTAIV Video Editor

    Well you can rotate your camera almost anyway you want it. I didn't really check any aditional effects but atleast you can add texts music and all other things in it. I can say this atleast it works better than Windows Moviemaker.
  2. My GTA4 PC Experience

    Hmm... It is not fun when the game doesn't work, but have to say this that I haven't have any problems with the game. Well it did once freeze and once failed to launch but just clicked the icon again and it worked.
  3. GTA IV Protection?

    It was already stated that your computer doesn't have to be connected to internet to play the game, but you have to activate it on a computer that has internet connection. After you have done that you can play the game on the computer thats not connected to internet so in reality internet connection for the computer is not required as you can do the activation on through another computer. For example you can use your friends/relatives computer that is connected to internet to activate the game.
  4. Final thoughts!

    Well in reality its about just two and a half days in europe not three as sunday is almost over and the game can be bought most likely about noon. Well I'm waiting the game just to play it of course I might experiment with the editor later. Still just the editor makes the computer version better than the console version.

    Well you might not know how it works on Spore as only time you need to reactivate is when motherboard or CPU changes. It doesn't matter if you change your graphic card or any other component on your computer and I would think this is with all the new versions as those two parts aren't really changed so often than graphic cards.
  6. This guy got it early?

    Most likely he isn't playing it as I don't think the authenticate server is yet online also if he would have played it he would have already glowted about it as he said he would upload an update in couple hours. I would think he can install it to the computer but when he tries to run it and as the game can't contact the authenticate server will prevent him from playing it.

    Heh, people still claim that Nero won't burn because of SecuROM that might have been the case in the old versions but people don't seem to realise that the SecuROM doesn't run any other time than you are playing the game so how would it stop you using any programs. I have had SecuROM on my computer since Spore came out and haven't have any problems. Also SecuROM can be unistalled if player himself so wants but of course the game won't work without it but if you delete the game you can also uninstall SecuROM. Also I don't get the big thing of the few files that stay on the computer when in reality they are those files that just keep your games info in them so you don't have to register the game everytime you install it on your computer and those files without the others won't even work. This is just so funny when people really get themselves hyped about this and get fueled by the rumors. I also am going to buy it from the store and I don't really worry about this as I know it doesn't effect my computer at all.
  8. Well I would not say that it would never come to PC, but it might take more time. As they now also sell the game through Steam so in reality releasing them as just download versions could be possible and if that happens they might release those "episode packs" in one release including them all in some later date. If the first episode pack sells good I would think they might consider porting it and other packs to other platforms.
  9. Official GTA IV PC website launches

    Did anybody else notice that minimum system requirements have been changed a little. Now it seems you can run it on 1GB RAM on Windows XP and 1.5GB RAM on Windows Vista.

    The PC version will be able to but sadly no for the consoles... That will be cool though Well I hope they will make it so that you can add songs to all the radiostations as it would be better to listen your own songs with the channels commentary.
  11. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    You miss the point the site is about testing your system if its good to run a game. If the game has two different CPU's as recomended of course the CPU that has the slowest speed should be the recomended speed for the CPU not the higher one when them both are recomended CPU's. So in reality my CPU is recomended but that site says that it has not the speed even when the speed is from the recomended CPU but not the higher one. Recomended doesn't mean the highest.
  12. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Heh they are really nice to say that my CPU speed doesn't meet the recomended when I have the recomended "CPU AMD Phenom X3 2.1GHz". They have put the quad core prosessors speed as the recomended shouldn't it be the triple cores speed as its the lower than the quad core and both are recomended CPU's. What idiots and its not a suprise that my graphic card is not up with the recomended but still wins the minimum.
  13. GTA IV PC Possible Delay?

    Well now its seems they bothered to update their site to have the new release dates. Still it seems they really tried to hide that it was delayed as they only changed the dates on the original announcement about its PC release made on the begining of August. It seems that they didn't want to say that its "delayed" on their site and chose to just edit the old article so that it seemed like there weren't any delay at least so it would seem to person who didn't know better. You would think they would have little backbone to make new announcement to its delay and not just edit the old one. Also the new release dates are December 2nd in North America and December 3rd in Europe. Check yourself if you don't beleive me.
  14. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Do you mean its not good card or do you mean the game can't work on it? I would think it still works on it but you can't expect high graphics.
  15. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Well video card does the graphics but prosessor does all the work as it is the one who has to progress all the data so the game runs. If you have a crappy prosessor and top mark graphic card it doesn't really matter if the graphic card is good as your prosessor is the thing that makes the program run not the graphics card. Your graphic card can handle the high settings but your prosessor can't handle the data load and will make it laggy on high. I'm quite happy that I have that triple core prosessor I really hope that they will program it so that it really uses all three prosessors and not just two of them.