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  1. Well duh! It has to take a long time to download because it is 21.7MB If you can't download from my site then try this download link instead!
  2. Hey everyone check this out! It may be a long time since someone replyed in this topic however I made a stunt video for GTA3 and it is located on my site which is Just go into ''Downloads'' then click on "GTA3'' and it should be located there! Please give it a rating out of 10
  3. So how do you all find my new shell petrol station! Please rate it out of 10!
  4. Dam! Sorry, my mod is being delayed!
  5. i don't think Catalina will come back because you have already killed her in GTA3
  6. its alrighht! Thks any way
  7. woops! Sorry
  8. hmm
  9. I have no idea wot your talkin about?
  10. Oh yeah! I forgot to mension that you need to do all 35/35 rampages as well!
  11. same here
  12. actualy if you want the best preformance graphics card, then I sudgest that you should get G-Force 7 Series (I find the Nvidia chipset the best!)
  13. ive got 2 agp slots