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    Basketball, San Andreas, and Music. I like making stunt vids, but they're from a webcam, so they pretty much suck at quality, but some okay stunts really.

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    San Andreas
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  1. Happy birthday mate

  2. What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Last of the Mohicans.. if it counts because I'm not done watching it.
  3. It's only been a few months

    I didn't catch up to anything either..... I've been gone since like November.

    WHAT MONEY?! (my brother)
  5. Freefall.... was the the mission where you have to get on the plane with the bike? In the future, tap up to go faster, and avoid the barrels until you get really close to the plane. If it's not the mission, then disregard this.
  6. Mission N.O.E Help

    ^That's probably the easiest way. I've had trouble with this mission as well. If you don't want to try that, fly around a little, practice turning and everything, get ahold of the controls, get used to them. It helps, trust me.
  7. Official Joke Topic

    Yeah, I thought I wrote something else. Someone musta changed it. It was the one word that meant happy. You know, also for a male homosexual.
  8. More Than 100 Hidden Packages?

    I as well have gotten all 100. Why would R* put more than what's needed to collect in the game anyway? It'd be just a waste of time.
  9. Where is the AIRPLANE?

    Well, it's not all planes. Theres tons of helicopters too, and a huge inventory of bikes.
  10. What did you hate about GTA VC?

    Tommy's bike skill.
  11. ok f*ck amublance mission

    Like everyone said, Angel Pine is the best. @Slayer, I think he means the hospital where you drop off Madd Dogg after he tries suicide.
  12. favorite guns

    DILDO BABY!!!! lol, jk. I like the minigun, and the Deagle is the cool.
  13. Official Joke Topic

    I told my sister's boyfriend that I thought he was "bad". He was so mad that he hit me with his purse.
  14. How to pickup girls into the cars?

    When you get them in, drive to a quiet place, where there's no people and no cars, make sure you don't crash, or stop on the way.
  15. Gangs and the train

    If you've finished the mission for Sweet, where you take over the first territory in Glen Park, then you can buy some at Ammu-Nation.