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  1. Grand Theft Auto 5 is massive. Not only the graphics is very realistic, but also it is real-time sensitive just like the real world. In addition, you can do many random activities that you would normally do in real life. It is almost like you are existing in the game. This is what I like about Grand Theft Auto 5. ----------------------------------------- For Best Deals on Tires and Rims, Please Visit Our Website @
  2. This is such a nice game. I have this game on PSP. I initially do not like bird-view mode, but after playing this game, I start to like it. Unlike other titles in GTA series, this game plays in semi-bird-view mode. I had a lot of fun playing this game regardless. I would probably going to replay this game soon. --------------------------------------------
  3. World War III won't be happening at anytime soon. There has to be a major disagreement between nations for it to happen. World War II is the bloodiest war in the history of mankind and Three Kingdoms Period comes the second. I hope nothing will happen during our life-time. Please think about this way. It takes our time and effort to raise a human being; however, it takes a mere second to destroy a human being wasting all our times and efforts. Past wars have destroyed thousands of human beings wasting everything we have put through for them. It is not wise to start a war among ourselves. --------------------------------------------
  4. I would go with the Leone Family. ------------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  5. PS2 emulator can pretty much work well with most games. Same goes with PSP. I wouldn't say they are terrible with the game running from them. ------------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  6. Army suit is the best. ------------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  7. I would go for PSP version since the game was made for PSP in the first place. ------------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  8. Good job at doing this. Now we know what it is like to reach at the end of the sea in GTA V. ------------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  9. You need to check if your CPU and graphic card can support this game. Second, you need to check if the game is supported by the OS you are using. ------------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  10. Cool. Thanks for sharing it dude. ------------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  11. Wow that quite a lot of sources for gaming. Thank you for sharing with us. --------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  12. Ginger Breadman. That game is pointless. --------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  13. I am currently playing Onimusha 3 on PlayStation 2. It never gets old for me. --------------- Visit PediaPedia for Video Games at
  14. GTA 3 is always the best because it is original.