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  1. Supppppppppppppppppppppp! @Spaz I miss the orange/grey look!
  2. Hai Sv hope you're well my friend! Ha, I miss playing MTA, so many hours put into that!
  3. Thoughts with the families of those effected by the Paris tragedy, and also anyone effected by the Russian airliner which was blown up, which has today been proven to be a terrorist attack, and is getting a lot less media time than the Paris attacks. I can't help but think either London or somewhere in the states is going to be their next target, especially with the British secret service foiling three terrorist plots in the last month alone, it only takes one to slip through to cause all kinds of atrocities.
  4. Way back when!! Joined here as woozie2 when i was about 12/13 years old late 2004 hahaha! Its for the xbox one getitng a PS4 soon though, my xbox has been playing up lately!
  5. Agree with Nate, I also have an (inactive) account at GTAF which I've had for years and I've had no issues
  6. Agreed rem!!!! MFD obviously hasn't got a clue
  7. RVD might make a cameo return to WWE but won't ever be main eventer again. I'm pretty sure he also got found out using drugs hence the move down the card and eventual demise
  8. Looks good bud, keep up the good work!
  9. Bumpy oooh Hi everyone!
  10. This forum, believe it or not, used to be very active! I firstly joined here around 2004/2005 when I was a mere 13/14 years old and I'm still here even after a few banned accounts. I do distinctively remember this forum being active with a working gang system, and a kind of community feel. I also forgot about this forum perhaps with age, now being 22, after I joined here years and years ago. People just move on and have things to do...I have work and a girlfriend so I don't get much time to even just play GTA let alone come and post on here. I also have an account on GTAforums but I'm not a huge fan, I used to prefer it on here. Gone are the days of the orange/grey skin and GTA San andreas being the latest GTA to hit the market. This place provides good memories and many wasted hours. Chris and co have done a wonderful job maintaining the forum and website despite their being very little users.
  11. If it isnt handled delicately by both sides, something will kick off pretty soon. Putin isnt being the most diplomatic at the moment which doesnt help.
  12. I've always said the human race would probably end up destroying itself - talk about intelligent spiecies eh! Wars wont ever stop as you have countries completley dominated by religion, people fighting over who believes in the true religion, all this bloodshed over some bullshit
  13. Probably be a good thing if Assad was elimated, evil fucker. Although wouldnt be good for USA-Russian relations!