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  1. it still didnt work
  2. i did what you said but it didnt work were you suppose to open it in notepad or word pad or any other program
  3. well i got it to work but i didnt rebuild, what is that for anyways but the rocket launcher just looked different but it shot like the old rocket lancher
  4. Hi, try doing this: Does the mod have a zip/rar? If yes and if you have it saved in a folder, open GTA Mod Installer and click Install a mod for VC and it should say "Path for Zip/RAR". Then search for the rar/zip and click next, tell me if it works i tried what you said but it didnt work the mod i wanted the most was the multi rocket launcher but i dont know how to use the image tool
  5. i have gta mod installer but when i go to install a mod it says there is no scrip file
  6. i need help modding weapons i dont know how. i have a modding software that mods cars very good but it dosnt mod anything else if there is a another software that mod weapons plz give me a link