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  2. Yolanda Whittacker a.k.a. Yo-Yo when do you get the gimp suit
  3. Steal a combine harvester how much oysters ar there in gta sa
  4. Jimmy or The Peg
  5. True how many radiostations are there (without user track) and whats the name of them?
  6. tempenny's crimes showed up & the peaple are angry. How do you go to Liberty city? btw srry for my bad english
  7. choose one;contentid=1257;contentid=1255
  8. i think he downloaded the ford crown victoria and replaced it with the fbi rancher one nissan Skyline GTR R34 coming
  9. Happy birthday
  10. this ???
  11. Sweeeeeet!!!! :dribble:
  12. Pick up monney at the warehouse at callahan point. but the triads blowd it up so you search the money and bring it back to salavotore. pass
  13. Bringing sweet home and than do a gangware and survive pass
  14. i have a idea : 1. Download the superman mod and install it. 2 search for a will smith skin and install it to 3 you have a will smith with supermanpower that look like the movie . how about that????
  15. And this than ?????