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  1. Hi guys, I am now back for good sort of. I used to keep going and coming however after moderating at a Warez site for a year I have decided multiple forums suit my life better. I hope I am still welcome here .
  2. LAMO, You fucked my game up I'm gonna sue you now!
  3. Cool post keep it up!
  4. Hi guys, I am now back from doing a few things. (Spider-Vice may know which ) But I will try and be as active as I used to be on this site. Though I am not a g33k at GTA.
  5. Right guys, I will be using this account now as I got the information for it (Thanks Chris).
  6. Dude give it time I'm sure people will download them, Chill
  7. Lol I havnt, Im to busy shooting down the dam heli's with an RPG, so I say bye bye
  8. Good Luck - Ash
  9. wow Nice nice and nice, im going to pay you 500$ anyway
  10. cool topic, 1 thing my other laptop is in for repair so you only got my pc and my laptop, and some cable's and a bottle of coke XD Layout 1: Layout 2: The Tower: - Ash
  11. er, modal please. Thanks, - Ash
  12. lmao i see you have all been on these forums for a whiel, are you sure its not making you all Ko co? (crazy) - Ash
  13. Hi, You need to keep topping up the store ammunation, Most of the good stuff is sold out and the Next restock is never, You need some admin's to keep filling it up Thanks for listening, - Ash
  14. Hi guys, I would like a sig, a decent size like the size of the xfire sig under neath this post, anyway in the sig i would like the to be a bit of Counter strike Source a bit of Halo 1 pc and a git of GTA San andreas, And in the right bottom corner saying in a cool font : Ash Price: well give me an offer and ill see if i will pay for it or to high Thanks, - Ash
  15. Ok cool, I will look out for your username when i play samp, As i am usally on stunt server's and drift server's as well. - Ash