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  1. send an PM to the admin i did it and now are all my mods approved
  2. just search, even on google you find a lot of other site's
  3. it isn't easy you know... you need modelling tools. like : Zmodeller --> the most of these GTA modellers use its there are tutorials on youtube. grtz thomasianos
  4. lets see !
  5. can anyone tell me how do i work with collision file editor?
  6. So... this is a story about one normal day in GTA SA. I installed a cleo script for a sub. so. i had a few wanted stars and a police mavrick came to me. and did something i never can believe . it landed on my sub!! so i responded quickly and stept in the heli !! but what's so special ??? now i had a search light ! do you believe it ? OR.. not?
  7. i got a problem to in vice city & san andreas. all buildings and cars a deformed!
  8. hello everybody ! now i got a better way to get free & a lot of money without a main.scm change or a cheatcode!! first: install cheatengine after install etc. open GTA vice city and load your saved game. after that switch back to windows by ALT + TAB . then open cheat engine.exe click on the flashing icon and search GTA vice city progress. now starts the real work ... enter your same amount of money and then clik on "first scan" you will get several progress lose or get more money and type your money amount again in the cheat engine. click on second scan or something as that but not "new scan "!!! several examples : i have 1$ . i type it into entry bar then i click on first scan there a several progresses i knock someone down. now i have 32$. i type it into the and i click on the scan button. but not"new scan" !! now i have 3 progresses. i copy them into the entry bar down the program 1 of the progresses is the money progress. i recommend you the one above. right click on it and go to "change record" --> "change value" now you can choose to what money amount you want. example : 50.000$ --> back to GTA vice city --> i have now + 50.000$ enjoy.
  9. hi, i'm looking for a code to places rocketlanchers on the skimmer. --> like a hunter. and a minigun. do someone know how do do that ? (so its looks real if i installed a mod from a battle plane.)
  10. nice
  11. hi there, can someone tell me of to make a GMI mod ? (GMI mod text. )
  12. use the vice city trainer ! you can download it from the download base!! XD
  13. look at YOUTUBE for tutorioals
  14. pfff you most try try try and try dude