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  1. Thomas's Graphics Showcase

    What can i do for U,Tomas to make me an Graphic Showcase with GTA VI and my name Emanuel ?Thank You Soo Much... Nice showcases!
  2. Grand Theft Auto IV Factsheet

    This game will be the best game maked ever,i want it will be released for PC.I dont think buy a console like xBox360 or PS3 to play it.I dont have enought money, soo...Please Rockstar Games,there are many people that dont have a console and wanna play it.Thanks
  3. >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I Only Wish That The GTA IV Will Be Realeased For PC.The game looks better that any GTA that i played...Thanks RockstarGames
  4. Official GTA IV Site Updated

    Can anyone tell me if the new GTA IV will be released for PC? Thanks to all the moderators & administrators... Or send me the answer to my email:[email protected] or aol:[email protected]