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  1. Worst way you've failed a mission

    In the mission 'Shadow', :/
  2. Can sombody do this?

    I tried VCM, and it's really good. Love it, easy for me to use.
  3. Safehouses

    I also miss the garages. Sometimes, in my Broker safehouse, I see random cars in my parking space (mainly Chavos).
  4. Grand theft auto chinatown wars Price.

    I pre-ordered it! I'm also glad that the price aint around 50$ or anything like that, 35 is a reasonable price imo.
  5. Those are great reviews!! So many cool new screenies! Too bad they didn't cover the multipayer, but that doesn't matter.
  6. Something aint right about that Novy guy :/. But if he talked, then I would have preferred to play him instead of Claude. But Claude looks cooler, IMO.
  7. GTA VCS.

    No one knows for sure if it's Pete or Vic that fot killed in the opening cutscene of GTA:VC1, but on the official website for VC1 it shows Vic as the head for the Vance crime family. Also, Lance stated how his dead brother was in charge of the crime family. But hey, cops in GTA aren't that accrate, right? And I agree with you that this game is one o the best GTA's.
  8. Can sombody do this?

    Can some body make a folder with installed 2007-2008-2009 cars (I mean cool cars, new cars, tunned cars) and then to give us a link where U have uploaded them. And when we download the folder just to drag and drop to the C:/Gta vice city/models !!!! Can this preform?? I have istalled some skins in counter strike by drag and drop and they have worked. So I dont know if this method works in Grand Thef Auto Vice City. I apreciate very much this forum, In hope you'll help!!
  9. *Hot Babe Thread* (NSFW)

    http://www.collegehumor.com/hottestgirl/alison check all of em'
  10. Ghost of Kate (Spoiler)

    I Just Experienced It Myself Its Really Odd I Saw It On 360 Version
  11. Source: RockstarWatch - http://www.rockstarwatch.net/news/462/Soun...aled-by-Amazon/
  12. RockstarWatch - http://www.rockstarwatch.net/news/442/New-...emy-St-Ives-Ad/
  13. Real Life GTA Save Points

  14. Back of shirt (HOW TO CHANGE IT?)

    Ok thanks, Ill see what I can do.
  15. Saw Off shotgun

    Does anybody knows where can I get a mod to make the shotgun into a saw off shut gun?