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  1. Same.. when you hear them climbing up the drainpipes then a screach as they run uuber fast towards you
  2. Porsche 911 And were talking the classic 80s one not the later ones
  3. I do.. dont use it much though as a nVidia NForce 2 rig shits all over mine on the benchmarks and makes me feel bad Never actually bothered getting screenshots of my results
  4. Spot the gag
  5. Heres a small cat army
  6. use a txd editor and modify the relevant bit?? :S
  7. Everybody was kung fu fighting.. huh haa!
  8. Old rig: P3 Coppermine 1Ghz (overclocked to 1.060 iirc rofl) Tyan Trinity 400 256mb ram 64mb Geforce 2 which i broke so ended up using a old ati with 4mb and a voodoo2 for ages (dont try fixing a fan to your geforce with blutack ) 20GB Maxtor harddrive (made a horrible whining noise) rest resides in my current pc New rig: Athlon XP 2500+ (overclocked to 3200+ (which is 2.2ghz i think)) An OEM Packard bell MSI mobo 1gb of OCZ Platinum DDR400 ram Arctic Cooling Coppersilent 3 5 port Belkin USB 2.0 card Did have a Soundblaster live 5.1 sound card but my brother wanted it back so back to the Realtek onboard sound for now on 19" CTX CRT monitor Logitech gaming headset Samsung DVD Drive Artec CD Writer Western Digital 60gb WD600 harddrive (cost me twice as much thanks to a bounced cheque ) 128mb PNY Geforce 6200 think thats all
  9. Lady - Mojo and next is Out Of Space - Prodigy
  10. GEEZ! In the 2006 submissions chris82 with the knife Id post a picture up of me but I think that guy might come knife me Anyway if it stays up here is me.. Sorry the pics abit small I also happen to be 15 in this picture... ive got alot more hair now, and a beard and im not going out with the girl in the background anymore
  11. Aslong as Greenday, MC Fly and anyone produced by that shitty X-Factor program go throw themselves off a cliff.. ..into a speeding train im happy Also think old metal/rock bands should stop reforming.. its bad for your grandad health.. and axel roses voicebox
  12. Can ya tell I like the Stagea alot?
  13. You're not the only one LOL, actually contemplating doing it again because I want to downgrade to 1.0 to see if it fixes some of the problems im having atm. Got the race track mod that puts the race track south of the Los Santos beach but I cant drive on it because it crashes
  14. Were you trying to replace an original car with a new one? SAMI doesnt always work detecting car mods but usually it recognises the txd and dff files and without needing a SAMI script and still installs them.