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  1. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

    Yeah, what ever, lol, I guess this could be moved to Announcements..? 99 Posts!
  2. Possible Titles

    The next GTA PSP name is Vice City Stories. The Domain is already purchased at www.vicecitystories.com
  3. Three Word Story

    a cherry tree
  4. Introduce Yourself..

    I just got Un-Banned by Chris. The GTA Place Forums is celebrating it's 3rd birthday, It seems like I've been banned for four. Lol, what ever I'm back.
  5. Three Word Story

    , that was new
  6. Three Word Story

    which were microwaved
  7. Your Christmas Wishlist

    I want: 1. Free ticket to Heaven. 2. Xbox 360. 3. 25 To Life. 4. My Sister to go to Jail. 5. To turn Black overnight.
  8. RATE Person above you

    1/10 personnalité : paranoïde
  9. RATE Person above you

    crimson it seems as if your the only nOOb here... 2 (same as last time)
  10. RATE Person above you

    why do you call me a nOOb*? you dont even know me ava 3/10 sig 6/10
  11. RATE Person above you

    ava 6/10 sig 8/10 per:? is a super mod
  12. RATE Person above you

    ^stole the image i wanted to make into a sig
  13. RATE Person above you

    LMAO ducks.. sig 8/10 ava 8/10 personality:ducks
  14. rate the sig

    LMAO, so i guess this is closed?