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  1. Yeah, what ever, lol, I guess this could be moved to Announcements..? 99 Posts!
  2. The next GTA PSP name is Vice City Stories. The Domain is already purchased at
  3. a cherry tree
  4. I just got Un-Banned by Chris. The GTA Place Forums is celebrating it's 3rd birthday, It seems like I've been banned for four. Lol, what ever I'm back.
  5. , that was new
  6. which were microwaved
  7. I want: 1. Free ticket to Heaven. 2. Xbox 360. 3. 25 To Life. 4. My Sister to go to Jail. 5. To turn Black overnight.
  8. 1/10 personnalité : paranoïde
  9. crimson it seems as if your the only nOOb here... 2 (same as last time)
  10. why do you call me a nOOb*? you dont even know me ava 3/10 sig 6/10
  11. ava 6/10 sig 8/10 per:? is a super mod
  12. ^stole the image i wanted to make into a sig
  13. LMAO ducks.. sig 8/10 ava 8/10 personality:ducks
  14. LMAO, so i guess this is closed?