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  1. Yeah, it's exclusive to Vigilante Justice
  2. Any help would be great. A proper VJ Logo might make the mod look more professional (for those who don't understand the professionalism in C++ ).
  3. That's right, not "GTA: Vigilante Justice"... Need a proper logo. It's been a long time since I was here! Links GTAForums topic (it looks better )Official Development Thread Deji on Twitter Deji on Youtube Videos (Gas Grenades turned into Stun Grenades).(*SPOILER*) Animations If I could get some more help with this, I would cry tears (of joy) [current helpers: ceedj (thanks for that, by the way)] A bit much to ask for maybe... but at least I'm not aiming for a total conversion that involves new peds, cars and maps etc. My goals are considerably realistic. If you need to contact me about helping with the mod, use GTAForums' email feature. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc. If anyone has any tips on making the topic look better, that'd be great. It will probably help to remove the spoiler tags, which I can do one I get the help.
  4. Vigilante JusticeModellers Required GTAG Productions is in dire need of map modellers for the Vigilante Justice mod for San Andreas. If you are good with making maps, specifically buildings, reply with an example of your work (if any) or email deji{a t}gtag.gtagaming{d o t}com
  5. I assume this was since the update. Basically, you need to update the main TGTAP pages where it would display "0 New PM's" regardless of how many PM's you have. Probably should've mentioned this a while ago, when I noticed it
  6. I believe in not believing anything. Because we will never know what created the universe. Still, it's fun to think that the universe was created either by some sort of god or the big bang, yet something would've had to have created them both. But maybe that's just where our human minds stop us from knowing. Maybe things don't have to be created to exist, no matter how confusing that might be to us. Ever watched the show "The Big Bang Theory"? Gives a few fun thoughts on stuff like this. EDIT: The meaning of David Beckham, Bill Gates or Jade Goody will forever be a mystery.
  7. I'm gonna wait for the Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia movies to be released before I say whether games based on movies suck or not. Those movies should be so good when they're finally released. A GTA movie would be perfect if I wrote the script But overall I think there have been too many games to make a movie based on them. And besides, most of the GTA games are based on movies anyway.
  8. The one I uploaded didn't work, it's fixed now, though Re-download.
  9. TGTAP, due to my forgetfulness, I might not update/check this topic too frequently. Sorry I wasn't going to release this script until I fixed and added the new features which would increase the movement that you are able to do. However, I'm having serious troubles getting them to work, so here it is for now. If any modders are expirienced with sine or cosine or simply know how to add more rotation to the surfboard, they are urged to help me with this damned thing! Lol... Put cjsurf.cs in your "cleo" folder (with CLEO installed). Type "surf" in while playing and you'll be on your magical flying surfboard. Movement acts kinda like the jetpack. "Sprint" = raises you. "Jump" = lowers you. "Up" = Accelerate "Down" = Brake "Left" = Turn left. "Right" = Turn right. If you are above ground, you will slowly lower over time. If you are in movement, you will also slow down to a halt. It works just like a car in this way. If you are close to ground, you will stay on it as if you were riding on the ground. However, if you come to a large enough gap, you will simply continue forward (flying). [sCREENSHOT] - [DOWNLOAD]
  10. Some news just for you guys: I'm working on a very cool mod. Okay, news over But seriously, you'll love it
  11. It's my website (GTAG's) 3rd birthday today. It's also now Google Pagerank 3 which is one less than this website, so I'm feeling celebatory (I know that is probably the wrong spelling, but I don't like those kinda words...). So here are the links to most of the mods I've created. I notice how I often forget to post my mods here, so here are all of em They're all CLEO's unless specified. Hover over the [?] to get a small description of the mod. [?] Fight Switcher [?] Quick Map Teleporter [?] Toggle Engine [?] No Green Aim Triangle [?] CLEO Skin Selector [?] [TEXTURE]Combat Knife [?] Toggle Headlights [?] Area Save Names [?] Bribery Mod [?] [TEXTURE]Black Poison Knife [?] Auto Aim Script [?] CLEO Furniture Mod [?] Ultimate CLEO Trainer And of course... [?] Vigilante Justice. Have fun!
  12. It's good to care about why you're here as well as being happy. And ultimately, it's always exciting to discuss the posibilities.
  13. Here, you can have a massive discussion about stuff like: How was the world created? Is the big bang theory true? Is evolution true? Have we been created by some higher power? (God) Why are we here? What is beyond the universe? Basically, just theories of our existance and such. I'll start by saying that no matter what, there is no real way to know why we are here and what the purpose of our existance is. But let's have a bash, eh?