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  1. Looking forward to the changes
  2. It's used to describe older women going after younger guys.
  3. I really don't see what's so great about those trophies, but hey, if people like them that's fine with me.
  4. Man! I just bought a controller for the PC, and chances are it won't work/good with the PC version of GTA IV. Well, I'll be buying an Xbox 360 controller...
  5. I'm definetly getting GTA IV, even though my computer will be barely able to play it.
  6. Can you blame them? Who doesn't want a piece of GTA?
  7. People like that should try the normal life, working for minimal wage before they start complaining for being underpaid for easy-ass voice acting.
  8. ^ Damn straight.
  9. it was all right

  10. Hey man have a good Bday yesterday?

  11. Happy Birthday! :D

  12. happy birthday dude...

  13. I actually saw the Fox thing on the news, it was one of the most retarded things ever, I mean all the people interviewed didn't have a porblem with the ads, yet the guy thought people were totally appaled and decided to pull the ads...