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  1. @akalamusic Let them eat chaos by @katetempest is on constant repeat for me right now

  2. @HastingsDirect Why is my car insurance renewal price £300 more expensive than if I make a new application?

  3. @iluv_lamp https://t.co/0JzoOeh5VH

  4. Cannot wait to start my grad job and use a real server side scripting language #giveMeDotNet #phpSucks

  5. RT @matt_house: BREAKING: UKIP now distributing Listerine to prospective voters to counteract the sour taste that will follow voting for th…

  6. RT @sjokz: Double screen, double double double screen

  7. Not only is it a billion degrees in the library some savage is going around stealing the keyboard rests #RageIsBlowingGages

  8. RT @IGN: Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton will play Sam Houser and Jack Thompson in the BBC's GTA Drama http://t.co/iuAu8qEtLT http://t.co/…

  9. What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    The fact that certain gameplay aspects of GTA III make the game reasonably difficult are a plus for me. In my opinion games are too forgiving these days. I mean you get auto saves and checkpoints and cover systems, yeah they are nice and wouldn't change it but it's great fun to go back to older games to really test your skills
  10. Insuring your cars

    It's only there if you preordered. That's not true, I didnt pre order my copy and I have the number
  11. Insuring your cars

    In that case you can call that contact, drive to location marked on the map and use it like a normal helicopter
  12. any rap fans? if so.....

    So what do people think about the new Eminem album (The Marshall Mathers LP 2)?