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  1. This is for the main site ,correct? you should make a new fourm skin based off that layout.
  2. your wish comes true ,but as you are transfering you get eaten my a comp virus lol. I wish i could buy spazes house.
  3. Too bad, their are enough gta sites already ,wish succesfully ruined. I wish I could get my ps2 to work again.
  4. Well my famliy sucks, so i would laugh . wwydi i made your pony die?
  5. Nice to have you back........who are you anyways?
  6. Spaz I can let you have my bargust account of you . Other than that I can't help you
  7. Dont you dare leave,you are one of my few friends on tgtap, so dont leave! !!!
  8. I made this bacause I know some are fighting about this when the pole is done chris will go with the results....I guess. Should we have a karma star syestem?
  9. AIM

    All my class mates know my pass ,and Genocide stfu before I skin you're ass raw.
  10. AIM

    Shit shit shit, my aim just got hacked to it won't let me im aemboy or my girlfriend wtf.
  11. AIM

    No I didin't, and I have been changing names way before I knew you guys.
  12. AIM

    Hey spaz why do you think I switch aim names so much? my aim account was hacked before, so now you all know why I change my aim name so much
  13. ^ I resent that <esl also wtf lol V is the king of bitching.
  14. (Dinner)....yum hamburgers.
  15. Ok here is the gta fourms warning stars And heres the gta fourms karma stars see the difference?