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  1. This is mine toys that break in 5 sec
  2. Yea I can relate. I bought my ps3 cuz I did not have a console.
  3. Heres some bedtime reading from yahoo i did not write this
  4. I Dont watch football\soccer so I dont know
  5. uglist lambo ever!! (suv)
  6. Hey artur do you rember the riot in vancity in 1994 when the Canucks lost the cup
  7. Hers a vid about the xbox 360 heres another
  8. R.i.p John Ferguson great hockey player died saturday
  9. its a Gta clone or gta wannabe
  10. Should I buy it or no it has a score of 8.5 out of 10
  11. RuneScape is for Silly gooses like u lego 20
  12. I did not pre-order im getting it for xmas with my ps3