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  1. RT @Senyora: Panis ka pala Xander Ford e. https://t.co/GshR6i5ecD

  2. RT @LordSnow: Who did this?

  3. RT @richchigga: Omg @PostMalone surprised me back with a full gospel choir this is the best birthday gift of all time. https://t.co/6Ryc5Al…

  4. @micolagooon9 ikaw rin!

  5. after practice kanina. Demonyo face :)http://t.co/SUU3F2Xinn

  6. lingawa ka chat this tao haha

  7. There's something about you baby and i swear that it drives me crazy

  8. FIFA 14!!! i'm back YEY

  9. Ea Sports It's in the game

  10. Human na gyud edit. yey :> . https://t.co/OnVGSsCFXv. tignan niyo guys in hd http://t.co/MuiYHk8kc5

  11. done editing. Post na!