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  1. ok... fdrfrrfeedsgthyle19i8rtr5 That was hard.
  2. Happy B day i guess,
  3. I lol'd. Good thing he said it before I did I'm not in a good mood Its not his sister, its some uglymodel he found on the web. You think your right.
  4. ROFL! Jace you dumb ass!!! I talked to Oskar yesterday. Theres a difference between the sister in his Personal photo and the pics he gave you. THERE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!
  5. HA! Jace payed alot o' money 4 them pics idoit!!
  6. You do know that not his sis, right?
  7. Peas piss me off. they taste horrible.
  8. Heard it lol. Yo mommas so stupid she... ... ... .. .. .... erm. forgot what to say.
  9. Oooohe, i love that game! iit does rowk!
  10. C.O.D. 2 Multiplayer. w00t !
  11. Cool, good luck with that
  12. lol, i don't know if R* hate women. But since most of the guys at R* north are married, i guess not.
  13. Lol. God damit! some noob on my droidz account thought i stole most of them animations from successful animators. lol Mine Berts Hehe. i guess this is a good thing, since he is one of the most successful pivot animators in the world, w00t!
  14. A pack of chewing gum
  15. Good point. They do always make some kind of issue over things like this. I mean, C'mon! seriously, Rockstar would never put women as police officers directly becase they hate women. they would put them in to add realism, not to start riots in the street.