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  1. Hey, i run a crew of 3 at the moment, we decided to make a crew when modded lobbies became an issue, this was so we could play in invite only sessions, in peace, together. I feel we should expand (before heists and such ) So we will be looking for around 8-16 people to join A LINK TO OUR SOCIAL CLUB CAN BE FOUND HERE ^^ http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/br_hunt ^^ Times We Play: usually anywhere between 12PM-3AM GMT Days We Play: Everyday Usually What we will be doing: General Gta mayhem, lots of crew v crew lobbies, Jobs, Missions, Team deathmatches, Last Team Standing, Races, Heists when they get released, really hoping to turn this into youtube Gta Crew making Let's Play's and stuff. We usually have a skype call up while we play so if you want to join that call while we play, you are always welcome otherwise feel free to use voice chat on xbox Anyone interested can just fill out their info using the template below OR message one of us via xbox live: P0lymorphine / JK is Boss / Matadordries Social Club Username/Gamertag: Age: Time Zone: MP Games Played: Any Previous Gangs You've Been In: How Can You Contribute To A Gang: Tell Us About Yourself: Anything Else: