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  1. I heard there's a cult under chilliad mountain that kills young people! My bodyguards would kick their ass!
  2. I love epsilonism! Nvr actually joind the program but Cris Formage and I are very close
  3. Oh, are you referring to Patrick McReary? I remember him! Such a cutie! They said we wouldn't click cos he had a small
  4. You all kno u'd b me if u cud b a celeb. Chow!
  5. Lol, who's Trevor? I heard of a Sicko up in Sandy shores who robbed banks and stuff think that was his name too. OMG I need to report this to the LSPD!
  6. Lol! The boys down at maisonette 9 used to call me a 'fun ride'!
  7. Stalk me @xPoppyMx!
  9. 500k's nothing. I like, make tripple that per hour! Lol!
  10. Heyya! Poppy M here! Check me up in the Nightclubs if ure ever in LS! If ure special or a cutie u might even get a personal invite to one of my house parties!
  11. Ya can alwys visit my crib up in Vinewood hills. Unless your a weirdo. Or poor. Or a creep.
  12. I've got an adder in my private garage!
  13. Here's some news: I'm filming my new movie on set! Expected 2014 release!
  14. Eww! He deserves to be lonely fr videoing me doing yoga then editting it to make it look like a disgusting sex tape!
  15. My management insured my pink cognescenti cabrio. Not that anyone would want to ruin it or anything... xXx