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  1. The triads, though I also like the yakuza.
  2. I love Evil Woman. My wife likes Flashing Lights.
  3. When is the voting actually starting? Not that it matters because it most definately is a popularity contest. If people were being serious, they wouldn't vote for a guy as having the best breasts.....Not only that but there are some newer members getting nominated more times than some of the older members who are more deserving, imo. To each his own, I guess. Good luck, all.
  4. Happy birthday again! Although I missed it by a day =P

  5. Looks like a fun game.
  6. I don't see what is wrong with drinking at all, as long as it is done responsibly. You can't look at booze as "evil". It's only evil when you can't stop. Smoking is a person's personal choice. People young and old smoke so I don't understand why you added that to your statement. You make it sound as if only young people smoke. Same with carrying a weapon. It's not a "young thing" to do, it's somehing a person young or old chooses to do.
  7. Thanks man, I appreciate it!

  8. I see you baby....shakin' that ASS.

  9. I really missed the garage. I ended up haing to get a car and go back to a safehouse to sae the game so I wouldn't have to go looking for a particular car.
  10. It actually wasn't just some random attack. The killer apparently had an altercation with the victim earlier. He was hitting on a female friend of the victim and the victim confronted him about it.
  11. I'm too damn lazy to change my username.
  12. My vote is for Sky.
  13. Once again, I voted for Original GTA Master. I respect that guy fully.
  14. I voted for Original GTA Master. Great guy all around and really helpful.
  15. Male 1. Antichrist 2. Sky 3. Spaz the Great Female 1. YellowJacket 2. Rainbow Bear 3. Little_Chestnut