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    Noel Green >>> Crew Link: Noel Green <<< Rules 1. Please do no ask for a promotion. Currently we are recruiting people for the higher ranks and we will recruit more when it seems fit. We do no promote people for the sake of having a higher rank, but we promote people who will help the crew in all ways possible. 2. If the game lobby is full of crew members, we will not kick anyone to allow someone else in. The games and events are on a first come first serve basis. The only exception to this is if someone is AFK. 3. Do not complain over a demotion/kick/ban. If you think you were wrongfully kicked, banned, or demoted then please contact me, a commissioner, or the leader through a PM respectfully explaining the situation. It will be a majority vote between the higher ranks to see if you can come back, or get your rank back. Events None so far. FAQs How do I join the Crew? Just search the crew and join, or you can post your social What are the consequences for breaking the rules? It all depends on the rule that is broken, and how badly it is broken. If it's a one time occurrence you normally will be warned first, but the second time will result in a more serious consequence such as being kick or banned from the crew What should I do if someone is breaking the rules? Contact me explaining who and what you saw. In most cases we will confront the accused and we will take it from there. Member breakdown Commissioners - 1 Lieutenants - 0 Representitives - 0 Muscle - 0