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  1. RT @Gfinity: We hit 70k followers yesterday & to say thanks, we're doing another giveaway! Follow & RT to enter! http://t.co/k7PGs75yBa

  2. I love Dropbox because This is the best program ever! https://t.co/p4jllBkPzd

  3. RT @sledgehammer70: I am really looking forward to 8K TV's... because I need 1 billion pixels to please my eyeballs.

    1. Nate10


      4k and 8k technology is crazy. but what's scary is the price of an 8k or 4k tv. you could buy a new car, or buy a tv

  4. I've just voted for my friend Akeem Yousaf to become the face of Blue Inc. Please show your support here http://t.co/uBUyF6vJA8

  5. RT @Akzyy: The chicken wraps in year 7 mmmm

  6. RT @DanNerdCubed: 6 Simulators just turned up. Six. #PrayForNerdcubed

  7. RT @Acquie5ce: Currently trying to break into military base to steal a Jet Plane lol. U have to do the glitch to go in!! #GTAONLINE

  8. RT @iPoof: I don’t think #gtaonline exists

    1. BlackListedB


      Tried it for Xbox? Some say PSN is having more issues, last time I checked in on Newswire

  9. RT @StephenR369: "GTA Online will be available for everyone to play on October 1st." http://t.co/TLZDdzbw6V

  10. RT @_itsreemaaa: @omfg_itsmeeshaa - that is a grammatically incorrect tweet.