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  1. GTA San Andreas coming to Xbox Originals

    Exactly why I am going to download this game! probably my second favorite of the series!
  2. Rockstar Social Club now open for registrations

    mine is 66818. can't wait for GTA:IV!
  3. Xbox World Journalist Completes GTA4!

    I'm soo excited! i can't wait any longer!
  4. Xbox Live Gamertags

    My Gamertag:CappinCaffeine
  5. GTA to return to Vice City in 2009?

    I wouldn't mind going back to VC again. A new VC i should say. But i must admit it does show a lack of creativity.As far as coming out in 09? I don't know, that would be a hell of a thing to do!
  6. New GTA IV Footage in GameStop Commercial

    thats awesome! that granny looked awfully pissed! lmao
  7. Leaked achievements list

    A user on Gamespot posted this on the forum. http://www.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_...pic_id=26312047
  8. Early Release or Midnight Launch?

    when i pre-orderded mine from gamestop, the guy working said he wasn't sure if they would have a midnight release or not.
  9. GTA:IV

    Found this link on the front page of TheGtaDomain website. thought I would share it with anyone who's interested. Enjoy! http://www.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_...pic_id=26312047
  10. PLAY Magazine Previews GTA IV’s Multiplayer

    I'm really happy Rockstar decided to include multiplayer in the game. This is gonna make the game that much more fun to play!