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  1. GameInformer Q&A

    Did you see anything explode? Any weapons? BrennyO
  2. Who still plays these?

    gouranga anyone?
  3. "Things Will Be Different" Trailer Description

    they're probably just showing off the variety in just one group of pedestrians I guess.
  4. "Things Will Be Different" Trailer Description

    hey a little off topic here, but has anybody else noticed that at 30 seconds in the left to right pan shot - all the peds are women?
  5. Vehicles

    I want the monster truck back. That thing was awesome in SA.
  6. >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    yeah the cars variation is still clumping noooooo

    FCR-900 has higher top speed than NRG-500
  8. Secrets and Easter Eggs

    The Epsilon-quoting backpacker is usually hanging around those park benches west of Los Santos International (sic) Airport. Once I tried starting a new game in San Andreas and cycling straight there just to kill a Epsilon-backpacker before anybody else in the game. No effect to "most hated gang" stat so not a recognised gang in the game?