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  3. It's #MyTwitterAnniversary! I have been on Twitter for 4 years (since 10 Dec 2013). And you? https://t.co/we9NhZdo1p

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  5. Πρόσθεσα ένα βίντεο σε ένα playlist @YouTube https://t.co/YWMrc8mHm0 Minecraft | LAVA TSUNAMI BASE CHALLENGE -

  6. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/nkQRdD7Kug Closer(The Chainsmokers) - Keyboard cover

  7. whats up i have sold some registration code from the iFruit app on my I smartphone and when I move over to my GTA V character that i've it is not there. Any idea why due to the fact i were given a message from los angeles custom informing me in game that i have to head the closest l. a. custom keep to pay the $one thousand,000 price for the car i've given the license plate to. once I move there it'll display the license plate on the auto that i name but i can't see the plate that i purchased, i'm attempting to mention the alternative five i bought earlier than isn't there. i bought 6 of them and haven't were given a message saying that it changed into there so i simply wasted $six hundred,000 charge at the plate. Any concept might be appreciated for me to discern this out. Guest posting service
  8. So... I've been dealing with this problem for quite some time. So, 2 days ago I opened my game to keep on completing the game, I loaded my save file and the game blackscreened and crashed, it didn't even load... Curiously, the game doesn't crash when i load a new game, and it also loads properly on a non-modded game... So what could be the problem? Any solutions? Version V1.0 (installed from a DVD) Mods installed: Guns, cars, HD roads and custom audio.
  9. Keren banget nih karya Fotografer Profesional! https://t.co/SX4dZ3ZAap #fotografer #fotografi #potret #indonesia

  10. https://t.co/hjIX6WDGSy

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  12. Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (https://t.co/JhtE4MibmI - PRXJEK - KAIO-KEN(Lyrics)).

  13. भन्न त भन्थिस् केटिको पछि नलाग पागल हुन्छस्, हो रैछ यार भनेर भन्न नि कहिल्यै जानेन मेरो साथीले ।

  14. PS4 Outcast Devils MC Free-Aim

    Work in Progress Outcast Devils Motorcycle Club Est. 2015 (Free-Aim Only) Outcast Devils Motorcycle Club is a club based in the San Andreas area. We are a brotherhood like no other. We grow together and create bonds of friendship, trust, and memories. We uphold our code and will fight with and for our brothers until the end. We've built our club from the ground up, and have been building it since August 21st, 2015. We've grown and gained many highly skilled members Our excellent community follows a strict code of conduct, and our club laws help hold the integrity of the club. We put our club and family first. We can normally be found in public free-aim lobbies, normally in the city and occasionally visiting the deserts to go on rides and earn money. We can also be found releasing Hell upon those who stand between us and what we want, however this does not mean we are a kill on sight kind of crew. Our crew is based primarily in North America, however anyone will be treated fairly when it comes to prospecting. Want to Join? Post your age, (including at least your month and year of birth) time zone, and your PSN here and I will get back to you ASAP. I will contact you to schedule a brief meet-up and after that, the President will be informed about you and you may or may not be allowed to start prospecting. Prospecting Our prospects, unlike most other outlaw clubs, aren't nameless within our crew. As you can see about, they are already apart of the family with the top rocker, they're only prospecting for the center patch to become a true Outcast Devil. We allow our prospects to vote within our club, but their vote is the last to be considered during church. We consider our prospects as brothers and sisters instead of just labor. Prospecting normally lasts between 3-4 weeks however the time can be extended or decreased depending on the specific prospects performance. Prospects responsibility is to do what the club asks and to do what they think is right for the club. One-Percent Rules A member of the Outcast Devils will only use pistols, sub-machine guns, pump shotguns, and assault rifles. A member of the Outcast Devils will never use explosives. A member of the Outcast Devils will never use a machine gun. (omit sub-machine guns) A member of the Outcast Devils will never use sniper rifles. A member of the Outcast Devils will never use a semi-automatic or fully-automatic shotgun A member of the Outcast Devils will never use heavy weaponry. A member of the Outcast Devils will never use armored/weaponized vehicles. "Make them remember the Devil"
  15. Happy birthday brodie! Stay boomin

  16. RT @ImShadySpice: When your probate at 2 but bottomless mimosas end at 4PM: https://t.co/3iY1MmxHVg

  17. Keys.dat

    I mistakenly deleted my key.dat file while managing gta vice city, can someone plz upload a keys.dat file becoz gta trainer isn't working and I really need it to complete boatyard mission and complete my assets.
  18. my $2 in #bitcoin is now $2.92 . My $53 in #Litecoin is now $102.51

  19. @chenteydrach mindsmash - bill wurtz - the school of life - powerfulJRE

  20. RT @C_and_H: https://t.co/xtKjzk4H8A

  21. No pues está con madre la bandita aquí en la plaza pero el eco es una patada en los eggs.

  22. RT @ORIGINPC: It's official! We'd like to welcome the newest member of the #ORIGINPCFamily - @pewdiepie! To celebrate our partnership, we'…

  23. one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/XhJr2h8Tyq

  24. It’s so tempting to spend time dreaming of the future that you... More for Taurus https://t.co/ki5nxnAHOS

  25. RT @humdaora: o poder da interpretação https://t.co/fF01UPWC0J

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  27. RT @_sarahlizzi: #PeakyBlinders is

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