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  5. I could really use the help

    Hi all, I've always been a fan of GTA 5, but besides from having it on ps3 and borrowing it from a friend for the ps4 I never owned the game. Until now. I still had some money left from doing heists a while ago and I want to hop in the gunrunning, drugslab, biker club part of GTA online. I would't consider myself as a noob in the gameplay, as for driving, shooting and flying. The problem is that I have literally no idea what to do. I bought a clubhouse and started a MC (some friend will join later as it is holiday time) and bought a bunker, both in an impulse to start off with the newest DLC's. Besides from the set up mission for gunrunning (i think?) and a contract mission for the MC I have no clue what to do next. There is a big chance that I'll play most of my time alone, but definitely not always. Of course I want to start making big money, with growing weed for example. But I'm missing out on the money to buy a farm (and other essentials if there are any?) I do not really have an idea what to do with the bunker or the MC, the meaning of CEO and such and basically how to start with 'working' or what buildings are necessary to run business/labs. I can imagine that no one is going to give me a complete guide on what, how and when (would be awesome though), so any information, help, tips, links to guides or youtube content are also welcome. There are way more questions that I could ask, but I guess that when I understand the overall idea the rest will follow! Thanks in advance ! P.S. Any (relatively) new players, in this particular situation, could always add me! I'm from the Netherlands, but my English should be good enough!
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  8. how do i install mods?

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  9. Request mod of something i want to see in GTA IV

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  10. gta iv

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    you also can find me in



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  12. gta steam save

    hello. Im playing GTA SA on steam and i save my mission games. And when i moved to other pc to play gta sa. All my save mission games lost.what should i do? Help please
  13. Vice City 2010

    Codes plis gif mi brader
  14. Vice City 2010

  15. ima play as a cop on pc

    maybe you will be my cop because have started all gta 5 game missions again #from Kenya Nairobi...
  16. ima play as a cop on pc

    im ready to start my experans in gta 5 play as a cop mod
  17. A Bond Farewell....

    Very sad to hear of the nearly 90 year old Sir Roger Moore passing away, since I've been gone we've also lost Allman Brother founder Gregg Allman and others. Sir Roger Moore was Commander Bond when I started going to see the most successful cinema series in history. He was a favorite not only in the role but as other parts he played in his illustrious career. Near on 10 years ago, Sir Sean Connery was asked about reprising his role in a 4th (at the time) Indiana Jones, and he said he was having 'just too much damn fun being retired'! Keep in mind, Sean Connery, the seemingly older then the rest of the Bonds is nearly as old as Roger Moore was so we wish him the best of health, and yes, do something for the public if even a cameo, we love their winning charismatic charm on the big screen. Sorely missed already. RIP
  18. More, more more...of a Good Thing

    Grand Theft Auto 5 online updated this Tuesday without fanfare from this site, I've been Absent off playing with tech toys BTW, but Chris and the Mods here MUST be slippin' The landing page Updated with Rockstar New News is lagging seriously behind Rockstar's own Newswire. I get a text from Trip Mills saying that Red Dead Redemption is delayed until next year, Why am I not surprised?? Well, it seems Rockstar do bite off more then they can chew, but video gaming as a whole is better off for it. Just saying Trip was pretty upset. Imagine the work needed for fleshing out just the AI and landscape, add in the story and characters, dialog... sans much music compared to GTA! You have 3 years of development on average, more then a lot of other studio's games. Not by much though, with today's gaming horsepower. While I'm on about RDR2 as an aside, the delay could mean more tayloring for the forthcoming Scorpio Xbox system GTAOnline had a massive update for ...as it seems, only PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Leaving out the older console versions, this is sad, but I think it's the step toward future fulfillment of the system tech heavy requirements to keep adding and fleshing out detail. Again though, online mode seems ever increasingly over-crowded compared to the bare-bones single player side of things. I was and am, always hoping they'll add in some offline extras in the mean-time. I believe GTAOnline does serve not only as promo add in life for the franchise's last gen offering, but also a way for developers at Rockstar to embellish with programming in real time, and hopefully that aids all the games going forward '
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    I got 200 dollars and I need more money
  20. GTA IV Multiplayer Event This Friday

  21. Favourite Music Genre

    Pop & Rock
  22. pimp my car mod not working

    a big box is apearing no text

    not working
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