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  3. using alci img editor i have changed cj into logan but how to uninstall it nd get cj again??? plz help.....
  4. how can i unstall a skin mod......when it is installed.....
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  6. (If there is a forum where I could post this please move it if I'm not posting in the right topic) So far from the games I've played and seen, Rockstar has done places such as Miami (Vice City), South California (San Andreas), New York (Liberty City), and I guess London if that counts. Anyways I was born and raised in South Florida, Palm Beach County my whole life and a lot does happen down here and a lot has happened in my life and as I was playing GTA while a lil stoned I kinda often keep thinking about things in Palm Beach that was kind of GTA worthy. I sorta have a concept for this mission-wise and I wanna make a whole new mod for San Andreas based on Palm Beach County (Sea Beach is its GTA name) but I really need a lot of modders' help (also teaching I guess to put it) with extracting a map from Google Earth/Maps and make it a 3D model in order to be compatible with San Andreas' engine.
  7. Hey fellow grims, my name is Slime, a 17 year old somewhat of a gamer (I used to play games a lot during my childhood but now I kinda just focus on music and other stuff so ehh). I love the Grand Theft Auto series and the reason why I joined up is because these mods are really interesting, and I have some ideas of my own but I don't really have a lot of knowledge on making these Cleo mods. Oh yeah this is somewhat off topic, but I wanna get help from people on making a huge mod it's an idea of mine but I don't know where I could post it.
  8. Looking for people to MC with and do missions for money.
  9. Plz help to dildo dodo mission I'm so tired to play that mission bit it can't completed... Plz help me any one. To complete this mission or skip this mission GTAVCsf2.rar
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  11. nice, ill try this
  12. I've change a lot. Sorry for the bump. Randomly remembered this place sorta existed and decided to check if there was any activity since last time I checked like 25 years ago Also to embarrass myself internally by reading cringy old posts, jesus fuck... Anyway, on to disappear from here into my gay ass life for another 2 years and I'll be back.
  13. With issues related to crashing I've tried small things to fix these problems and the only two things that work for me the best are: Adding GTA V to my Steam game library. Reinstalling Windows. Hope that helps.
  14. Hi everyone! I would like to replace the stock mufflers on my 1993 Mustang GT. I am currently checking out 4wheelonline’s collection and it left me confused. What can you guys recommend?
  15. Alternative music is my favorite.
  16. Japanese cars rule!
  17. Basketball.
  18. Hi guys! My name's Tony. A newbie from Vegas.
  19. Hello Everyone . I am Trying to create my own sound mod for gta:sa . The sounds are pretty amazing and propably will upload it . But i am facing two problems and i dont know how to fix them ! Problem 1 : After i replace the sounds on SAAT GUI Frontend and After i save and re-open SAAT to verify if they are well installed or no , the sounds turn into a weird , fuzzy and unclear sound (you can say the quality of the sound is pretty much worse and worse) . i thought maybe it is a problem of the extention (wich is WAV 32bit float PCM) . i also tried with WAV 16bit but i hear no sound at all! so can you please tell me what is the proper extention i should use ? or if it is not a problem of extention can you tell me what could be wrong ? Porblem 2 : Game Crahes as soon as i hop in the sound edtied vehicle . ill be very appreciated if you can solve those 2 problems !
  20. My favorite is the car from Back to the future.
  21. Ford.
  22. Hello, guys. Celebrating almost 1k of subscribers I will give away GTA ONLINE cash card worth 1,25 mil. To participate You need: 1. Subscribe to my channel 2. Like any Video from my channel 3. Comment on any video The winner will be announced on 20/02/17, last day to participate is 19/02/17. Good Luck!! And thanks for your support! ..
  24. I can't find this Cleo mod anywhere. I wanted this thing By pressing a button: All cars in San andreas destroyed except us (in which we are sitting) please reply me soon
  25. Let's do this
  26. I like to play GTA but I have to wait to play on Friday
  27. Grand Theft Auto 5 is massive. Not only the graphics is very realistic, but also it is real-time sensitive just like the real world. In addition, you can do many random activities that you would normally do in real life. It is almost like you are existing in the game. This is what I like about Grand Theft Auto 5. ----------------------------------------- For Best Deals on Tires and Rims, Please Visit Our Website @
  28. Guys let me know what you think.. Thanks
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